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On our site there is a discount program that is accumulative. And it grows with each of your operations. In order to use this program, the user must necessarily go through the registration procedure on the site, and before entering each account to log in to the account.
Attention – in some areas of the exchange, the discount can be less than your discount or 0%, (that is, there is no discount), this happens when the service does not benefit from the exchange.

We invite you to register on our site to activate the accumulative systеm of discounts, track the status of your applications and Statistics exchanges.

To register in the office, go to this link and fill out a simple form. Before registering, you will need to familiarize themselves with the work conditions and accept a user agreement.

Conditions of registration of personal and partner office

1. Register for the right to use the accumulative systеm of discounts when making an exchange:

Amount Discount (%)
> 0 0.01%
> 1000 0.02%
> 3000 0.03%
> 5000 0.05%
> 10000 0.1%
> 20000 0.15%
> 50000 0.25%
> 100000 0.4%
> 125000 0.5%
> 150000 0.6%
> 500000 0.7%
> 750000 0.8%
> 1000000 1%

2. Charges and payment are carried out in dollars (USD).

3. The minimum amount for withdrawal of money earned with the affiliate account is 1 USD.

4. For each perfect for sharing your affiliate link you get a reward in the amount of 1% to 50% of our profits. The percentage of allocations depends on the amount committed exchanges your affiliate link:

Amount Royalties
> 0 1%
> 500 5%
> 1000 10%
> 5000 20%
> 10000 30%
> 20000 50%

4.1. The values ​​of partnership remuneration may be altered over time. Moreover, all earned money saved in the account, using tax rates enacted earlier.

5. On the page where you publish about us information should be clearly stated on the services provided by our site. In advertising texts prohibited any mention of the presence of “free bonuses” on our website.

6. Do not place an affiliate link:

in mass mailings of letters (spam);
sites, forcibly opening the browser window, or open the site in hidden frames;
on sites that distribute any material that directly or indirectly violate the law;
on sites that publish lists of sites with “free bonuses”;
Web pages, closed from public view using login (different social networks, forums and closed sections, etc.).

Sites that violate one or more of the above rules will be included in the black list of our affiliate program. Payment for visitors from these sites will not be made.

7. When these terms are offending account will be suspended without pay and explanation.

8. Partner is solely responsible for the security of their authentication data (username and password) to access your account.

9. These terms may be changed unilaterally without informing the participants of the program, but with the publication on this page.

Warning You can always contact us to get more p. Especially favorable exchange conditions apply to wholesale customers.