If you have additional questions, you can always create a request here: https://help.westchange.top/

  • 1. Can I refuse my application?
    For completed applications, the funds are not returned, they are irreversible. But if you have made the payment, and the application has not yet been completed, you can return the money paid (minus the commission 5%-15%). Refunds take place within 24 hours on working day. To do this, you need to contact the support team – help.westchange.top .


  • 2. Can I pay you without a request directly by sending money to my wallet?
    Such operations are prohibited. Direct payments are returned to the sender, a commission of 5% is deducted from them.


  • 3. What are the fees for the service?
    When making an application payment after its removal – the application can be executed at the rate at the time of payment transfer or on the course that will be when the application is executed, but not higher than the rate at the time of application, if there is a receipt from the client or removed with a refund to the client with a 5% commission . The decision is made in each case individually.


  • 4. Details for transferring funds in the application are incorrect. How to fix the error?
    Unfortunately, it is impossible to cancel the payment. But if you specify a non-existent purse number, the payment cannot be completed. In this case, the funds will be returned to you. From the amount deducted commission of 5%.


  • 5. What is the confirmation of the Bitcoin and Altcoins network and how long does it take?
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