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This operation is performed automatically in the stable operation of PrivatBank’s online services.
With a very long wait for confirmation of the Bitcoin network – the application can be recalculated at the rate at the time of payment.
In some cases, it may be a delay in the exchange, with the technical impossibility to perform the exchange.
Payment is deemed to be received in the accumulation of 1 in the confirmation Bitcoin network.
Important! The final fixation of the exchange rate (when changing the exchange rate) will be carried out at the time of the actual receipt of funds in our wallet.
The exchange rate is calculated by the Huobi exchange.
More confirmation online Bitcoin here.

Exchange rate: 1 BTC = 1 051 620.44 UAH

max.: 0 BTC

max.: 0 BTC

max.: 0 UAH

max.: 0 UAH
Service fee (0.01 UAH)
With fees*:

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This field you can specify the card details by which we can make a payment to you in case the payment to the main card did not go through for some reason.

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Exchange Bitcoin BTC to Приват24 UAH

By creating an exchange request, you automatically waive any claims against the exchange office and monitoring.

We do not recommend making payments to third parties. All responsibility for erroneous or incorrectly executed payments lies with the initiator of the exchange.
The exchange office is not responsible for the intended use of funds received and is not a guarantor of the payment systеm.

When creating an application, be sure to indicate your valid email address (e-mail).
Any changes to the application data are possible only through confirmation from the e-mail specified in the application.

In case of problems in the operation of payment systems participating in the exchange, the guaranteed time for completing the application is up to 24 hours.
Any claims during this time are not accepted and are considered unfounded.
By creating an application, you agree to the above.

The application is final and cannot be returned.